March 12, 2011


I took my usual bath today, I detest showers, and I saw my future while I waded in the hot water waiting for it to reach my up belly button.  I'm not letting anyone in on my fate.  It might even be as beautiful as a destiny.  The flowing water, my thoughts flowing forward, without haste and without intepretation, truly inspired my future to flow through me, in front of me, like a silent film.  For now, my brain thuds inside my head, but I still watched the Southland finale. Man, I want more! I think school is on spring break, and I'm pretty sure I had a stroke two nights ago.  My medication for hypersomnia the insurance company declared not approved, so now I'm forced to try a new drug, a more dangerous drug, at one time I might have said "Bring it on," but now I'm accustomed to a calm peaceful sort of fabrication of life,  and I don't want to fuck it up.  Do I have a choice?  Have I been fucked by the fickle finger of fate? Or does God have a seriously hip and jive plan over all. Stay tuned. My migraine is like a tide that has come in, but won't go out. I'm sinking, in the sand, losing feeling in my feet.  I'm waving like a queen does to the masses, good bye, my rain has been pulled by my psychiatrust and I'm tired. Tell my brother I'll listen to U2 if he'll listen to the new Eminem.  Chow,

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