October 23, 2010

Staring At A Crack Into Anothers' Mind Blowing Moment

...A crack sounds vulgar or illegal, whatever happened to "if you step on the crack you break...." Innocence stands right next to the corrupt, waiting for a physical blow that knocks the fuck out of the angelic.  A fall occurs.  Innocence transparent. Fades. No more.  Suddenly an infancy in the dark world of babes begins.  Finally, a thirteen year old kid guns down an innocent victim. No fucking remorse. A picture on the tube of this carnal kid holding a large gun.  Considering death penalty for the first time for a child that age.  Mind blowing.  So I ask myself, who represents the saddest form animalistic thought--kill or be killed.  I stared at this moment so long, my eyes no longer saw.  Then I understood.  A collective observation of the fatal fall, people bashing their angry heads together, soon the pain triggers a motion picture inside their skulls. A horrific, homicidal, tale of innocence fading and mind blowing evil running its course again and again. The lines are blurry now.  The big guns sit with their gray hair and bellies bursting out of their button down polo shirts with smart ties and shiny shoes, attempting to redefine evil, and categorize it.  Good luck trying to draw a crack in dry pavement.  You ancient vagabonds have no time to stare.  You are reckless.  Lay down so I can burn you alive.

October 22, 2010

One Liners by J

Jesus is technically a divine bastard.

In a relationship, the person with more power, is the person who cares a little bit less.

It takes an architect to build a bra.

Jacknuts In Charge

I yawned when some jacknut
invented Atari,
It served no purpose
for my budding character.
I remember our first microwave,
cooked faster yes, but worse, no doubt.
The concept of speed invaded our kitchen,
I yawned in front of the TV
with a microwaved mess.
I recall the first electric can openers,
because it took talent to work one,
I begged consumers to buy the hand-held one,
I yawned, after all, what were we proving?
Microwave popcorn, juice in boxes, tupperware,
remote control, copy machines, malls,
All weapons of mass destruction,
All a part of the demon we call capitalism.
I yawn, it is all I can do.