May 30, 2011

Horrible Truth

I saw him at a funeral
Then I saw him again--
at his own funeral.
It took one minute to meet
the young soldier,
and one minute or so
for him to lose his life.
Perhaps if I never met him,
with a different equation, hence,
 a different answer.
As the world continues to
revolve around me.

Best Time of the Day

His voice, like light during the night,
chirps with faultless smile and word.
As my head dead on my ancient pillow
wishes for slumber, his smile and word,
like a stone thrown into a pond,
causes ripples of delight in the brain
of my dead head. So soon, my voice,
like light during the night, I hear smile and word
with him. Then, our chirps churn
the light that surrounds us, which begins a
 melodious myriad of harmonies, and we
hold magic in our hands. I call for him so
soft, he hugs me bear, and then darkness takes its turn.

May 28, 2011


my eyelids resting on air and
my chin asleep as it points to noon,
alas,my fingers, busy mexicans picking,
both ears hear a stream of words falling over punctuation,
my legs work alone, on a 24/7 mission to earn slavery
but my toes stay still inside of my Vans,
I honestly don't know what they're up to down there.

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